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RIP Peter Lea

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national trust car park

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national trust car park

Post by mike 100 on Tue 29 Sep 2015 - 18:41

stoped at sand bay over weekend just out side weston supper mud on car park national trust enter sand bay turn right just drive as far as you can .free no trouble 5 vans when there .we are welcome at last
mike 100

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Re: national trust car park

Post by Chameleon on Wed 30 Sep 2015 - 14:45

Times must have changed at Weston Super Mare.

We were near there many years ago with the motorhome. Having parked previously on the old railway station carpark, which was at the time council owned.  This time we were met by a female jobsworth who said we could not park on the carpark as we were too big.  

Now this said carpark was also a wagon park and when I pointed out that larger vehicles than my 25ft motorhome used the carpark she said yes but motorhomes cause the pot holes and tear up the tarmac. affraid affraid .  Told her she must be joking I drove HGVs and PSVs and  articulated HGVs were the worst offenders for causing the said damage.

We got into a real argument.

I advised her to take down the signs she was posting because they were in imperial not metric and illegal.  The signs stated that only vehicles up to a maximum weight of 15cwt could park on the carpark.  

There was quite a few 4x4s there and I asked if she was going to remove them as they were over 15cwt.  This was when Britain had to use metric measurements first and imperial second and penalties were being enforced if traders were not complying.

Couldn't argue with that!  So she got in her car and left and the attendant let me in free because I had put his female boss in her place.   lol!

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Re: national trust car park

Post by mikejo on Wed 30 Sep 2015 - 21:10

I was total amazed at weston mare .last time there it was a total dog hole .but now bueatful restaurant bars found a nice pub with a rock and roll band and danced the night away.

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Re: national trust car park

Post by mike 100 on Wed 7 Dec 2016 - 8:20

Stoped here amazing walks .no problems over night.

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mike 100

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Re: national trust car park

Post by Sponsored content

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